Zayed Khan first spoke about Sussanne Khan and Arslan Goni during an exclusive interaction with Hindustan Times.

Actor Zayed Khan shares a close bond with his sister Susanne Khan. He was recently spotted with her in Goa at a party that was also attended by her boyfriend Arslan Goni. When asked about his thoughts on the two, Zayed told Hindustan Times, “At my age, the most important thing for me is to let people be and live.” (Read also: Zayed Khan: Fardeen Khan has been through a lot in life

Working out his equation with Susanne and Arslanhe said: “Whether the person is your brother, sister or friend, just let them be what they want. It’s also important to be there when they need you. As for Arslan, I think he’s a sweet boy. He has a sweet character, and if that makes them both happy, who am I to say anything about that?”

“At the end of the day, it’s just about what makes you happy. Although we are very quick to judge, a lot of people talk about what matters but don’t walk the way they walk,” he added. Susanne was previously married to Hrithik Roshan and has maintained friendly relations with him. Both co-parent their sons, Hridaan and Hrehaan. Hrithik is often seen at family outings with Sussanne and Zayed.

Speaking of the actor, Zayed also said during the interaction: “We are people who don’t always publish what we talk about. I’ve known Hrithik since I was 10. When you know people that long, you know them inside out. It doesn’t matter whether you talk every day or not when you meet you know exactly where to pick it up I love him from the bottom of my heart He is one of the most generous disciplined people I have ever met He has always been the kind of brother I can express my heart to. He gives the best advice a brother can give. He is honest, critical and sincere. You just can’t ask for more.”

Zayed will soon be announcing his comeback project, which will be streamed on an OTT platform.

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