Darsheel Safari made his Bollywood debut with Aamir Khan’s Taare Zameen Par, and his spectacular performance as a struggling dyslexic child won many hearts. In addition to universal acclaim, Taare Zameen Par also received numerous awards and proved vital in raising awareness about dyslexia. It was India’s official entry for the 2009 Academy Awards for Best Foreign Language Film. Now the actor is preparing to make his comeback on the white screens with a feature film.

After the phenomenal success of Taare Zameen Par, the actor went on to star in films such as Bum Bum Bole, Zokkomon, and Midnight’s Children, but later took a break to focus on studies and college. The actor said in an exclusive interview with Hindustan Times: “I told my father that I want to enjoy college. Because my school life moved quickly. I’ve been shooting since the fourth standard. Not that I didn’t like shooting, (but “) I was greedy about college. I wanted to experience college life. Even though I did plays in college, I missed the camera, like there’s no tomorrow. I missed shooting every day of my life.”

His upcoming film, Mukt, aims to explore the realm of mental health, as does Taare Zameen Par. The 25-year-old actor revealed that he wants to make more films on the subject, saying: “I want to do things that are in line with Taare Zameen Par and show important aspects and emotions. I don’t want to break any image. This is what I and I’m proud of that. (Now) Let it last as long as it wants. The idea is to try new things. Most movies for boys my age are school and student related. This is something definitely out- of the box.”

Darsheel admitted it was quite easy for him to approach Aamir Khan for a movie, but he hated the idea because he didn’t believe in taking shortcuts. He said: “I would be shy to ask him for work. I always think you should earn what you work for. I feel like these are shortcuts. Not that I want to take a long cut, but a leather cut. I don’t think I need to force it.”

On Darsheel, he was last featured in a music video titled ‘Pyaar Naal’ sung by Vibhor Prashar and released in 2020.

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