Dance video: Every day many videos go viral on the internet. Some of these are such that they touch the heart. One of those videos made a big splash on social media, in which some village women danced in such a way that people became their fans.

Trending video: The trend of posting videos of dancing in the subway on social media these days is being overshadowed. In such a situation, a video attracts the attention of many people. This video shows two women dancing ferociously in a veil.

The video surprises

You must have seen many types of passengers on the subway. But you have rarely seen such women dancing fearlessly. They don’t care what people will think of them, they just enjoy their dance. First you should also watch this video…

Dance won people’s hearts

Passengers also look very happy to see these two women dancing. The passengers even started clapping for them. Both women also did an amazing dance in saree. Many people are entertained by watching this video. The passengers also got to see something new. Some people also objected to dancing in the subway.

Women’s stairs made an impression

Some people also made videos of it to capture women’s dance steps. For example, videos of dancing in the subway have gone viral in the past. But such videos are mostly of young children. This video is unique in itself.

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