Actor Sanjay Dutt was once criticized for his sexist comments in an old ad highlighting a “new enemy” in men’s lives. In a 2008 ad, he spoke angrily about those men who wore long hair, shaved legs, wore floral outfits, cooked and looked after children. He also called them “behenjis (a derogatory term for women)”. (Read also | When a pandit told Sanjay Dutt about his past life as king, how his wife had an affair and wanted him dead)

In a video that lasted over two minutes, Sanjay said: “There is a new kind of enemy in our lives and we need to reunite to fight it. The problem is that there are too many men walking around with long hair, waxed legs and shaved legs. chest. Men today spend more time in beauty salons than in gyms where they belong. They are men, but only by name.”

As the video continued, he said men wanted to cook, take care of babies, perm their hair and steam their faces “to feel like behenjis.” He also said that men in India lost “our gift, masculinity” when they chose “purple, pink and purple” colors for their outfits. Sanjay asked the men not to grow long hair, but beards and stubble and long sideburns. Instead of preparing Thai food and grooving to Salsa, he asked men to eat the food and dance Bhangra (Punjabi dance form).

In the video, he asked men not to drink “dumb pink cocktails and sissy beers.” He urged men to choose black, gray and blue outfits “as a mard (man) should”, cycling, no scooters, watching cricket and no series. Throughout the ad, he called the choices the men chose “feminine.”

Commenting on the video, a person on YouTube said, “My ear is bleeding, please stop Sanju.” “How can these kinds of ads even be allowed? Embarrassing,” another person asked. “Irony: He recommends beards and long sideburns, my husband is clean himself with short sideburns lol,” read one comment.

One person wrote, “I waited for him to say it was a joke, but no, he didn’t.” Another wrote: “He himself had long hair, waxed his chest and wore colorful clothes (in Munnabhai), the hypocrisy.” One comment also read: “For the love of God, tell me this is satire! Please.”

Sanjay was recently featured in the era action movie Shamshera, directed by Karan Malhotra. It also features Ranbir Kapoor and Vaani Kapoor. Produced by Aditya Chopra, Shamshera released in Hindi, Tamil and Telugu on 22nd July.


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