Saif Ali Khan has never denied coming from a privileged section of society. The actor is the son of cricketer Mansoor Ali Khan Pataudi and actor Sharmila Tagore and the heir to the Pataudi clan. He was once asked about his comments on the privilege and relevance of genes. Also read: Kunal Kemmu and Saif Ali Khan stare at the last samosa’ from their Raksha Bandhan celebration in hilarious photo

Saif had sparked controversy when he, along with Karan Johar and Varun Dhawan, shouted “nepotism rocks” at an awards ceremony in 2017. Later, Saif had written an open letter talking about nepotism and its relationship with genetics and eugenics.

When asked about the same thing in an interview with NDTV, Saif said, “People have to understand, most people don’t understand what I said. Movie producers would bet on star kids and make some sort of bet that this kid will know what his dad knows. If you think of the son of Amitabh Bachchan or the son of Dharmendra, maybe history is repeating itself. So they’re making a genetic bet, that’s what I think. Instead of betting only on talent, they assume that the son will have the talent. Sometimes genes are passed on, sometimes not.”

He gave his own example, adding: “Tiger Pataudi’s father was a great cricketer, Tiger Pataudi was a better cricketer – genetic genius. Then I joined, so I couldn’t play cricket. So I don’t know how you explain these things.”

While the video of the 2018 interview was shared on Reddit, some disagreed, while some agreed with Saif’s opinion. A Reddit user wrote in support, “Genes play a critical role in work-related behavior and can therefore play an important role in our career choices.” Another said: “They really do. And don’t abuse him if he didn’t mean to offend with what he said. At least he’s aware that favoritism exists and that it doesn’t work.”

One user who disagreed with Saif wrote: “He’s wrong, the producers don’t go for the ‘acting’ genes being passed on, but they take advantage of the popularity of the star kids. Star kids are made popular as soon as they are born and now with social media they all have some kind of fan following already before launch. So for a producer the choice between a no one and a star kid becomes quite clear, as the star kid will provide extra publicity.


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