After the release of Pallavi Sharda‘s long awaited desi rom com wedding season, fans take to Twitter to share their thoughts on the film. Directed by Tom Dey, the Netflix film casts Suraj Sharma opposite Sharda. Since it was marketed as the desi go-to rom-com, netizens had high hopes for the film and it seems that Dey delivered.

Besides Sharda and Sharma, the film also casts Arianna Afsar, Rizwan Manji, Veena Sood, Sean Kleier, and more. The film’s official synopsis reads: “Asha (Pallavi Sharda) and Ravi (Suraj Sharma), under pressure from their parents to find husbands, pretend to have a date to survive a summer of weddings – but they fall for each other as they struggle to balance who they are with who their parents want them to be.”

As for the fans on Twitter, the film is a bull’s eye. Most fan reviews on Twitter point in the direction of a perfect cheezy rom-com, just the tonic for a long day of despair. Many praised the film’s accuracy in showing its authentic desi roots with the wedding ceremonies on clothes. Some called the film “too relatable”, while there were a select few who were bored by the film and not at all for the plot of the film. There were also those who enjoyed the simple humor and uncomplicated plot of the film. All in all, the film received a lot of positive reviews from the netizens. Keep scrolling to swipe through some of the fan comments on Twitter.

Check out how Twitterati reacted to the Netflix wedding season below:









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