Brother-sister relationship: A viral video on social media made everyone emotional. In this video, the bride’s brother gave his sister such a gift that everyone was shocked. This brother involves the father who had passed out in a different way into his sister’s wedding.

Trending father’s wax figure: On the one hand, where siblings keep fighting each other, on the other hand, they also love each other very much. Something similar can also be seen in this video. Brother planned a very nice surprise for his sister’s special day.

Trying to overcome the father’s flaw

The bride’s father is said to have died from the effects of the Coronavirus. Obviously, the bride must miss her father in her marriage. But her brother tried to overcome this shortcoming a bit and brought a wax figure that resembled her father to the position. You should also watch this video…

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Bride gets emotional

As soon as the bride saw her father’s image, she became emotional and started to cry. In the video, the eyes of some family members, including the bride and the bride’s mother, also got wet. In this video, the bride hugged her father’s effigy and kissed. This beautiful video won the hearts of many people. The surprise of this brother along with his sister made many people emotional.

Video went viral

This video shared on Instagram is spreading like wildfire. So far, more than 4 million people have watched this video. Not only this, more than four lakh people have also liked it. In the comments section, users were seen giving their comments.

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