Title: virus

Form: Karthi, Aidit Shankar, Prakash Raj

Director: muthiah

Rating: 2.5/5

Review by Bhavana Sharma

Set against the backdrop of Madhurai, Viruman has Karthi play a man who works for local sets and is always busy with events in the village. His relationship with his father Muthupandi (Prakash Raj) is disrupted and they never seem to get along well. This happened after the death of Karthi’s mother. There are quite a few reasons for this split and the problems in the village are the icing on the cake. On the other hand, he falls in love with Thaenu (Aditi Shankar) and the arrival of this girl brings many challenges and changes in Viruman’s life. Will he now win back his father’s love and the girl’s too? That is the core of the story.

This movie is nothing but the routine and boring movies that have come with the same background. Unfortunately, most of the Tamil movies set in the background of a village have some rift between the hero and his family, but he is always the macho of the city and ready to do anything for the village and his family. The only difference here is that Muthaiah stayed with the basics and presented the film his way. Soori’s comedy can’t save the movie either, though he did a good job.

During the performances, Karthi did a great job. Karthi was also a part of such movies shot against the same background and his energy in these movies is very high. He nailed the fight scenes and is a joy to watch on screen. This movie marks the debut of Aditi Shankar and she has done her best. The character is certainly not glamorous and she fits well in the role of a country lady.

Prakash Raj in a completely bad role performed his role well and the movie gets good supporting characters from Rajkiran, Singam Puli, Soori and the others. The cinematography and music of the film are decent, with Yuvan’s music helping with nice background music and likeable songs.

Not all parts in this movie work. Some are sensible and some are not. Well, it’s better not to always find logic. There are many scenes in this movie that are difficult to connect. But the main agenda here is to show that Viruman is the best man in the village and he works hard but stays away from his father for killing mother.

Director Muthaiah has made a good comeback with this film. But it would have been better if he had tried something new and different instead of sticking to his comfort zone. He worked in his tried and true zone without taking a risk and it only worked in bits and pieces.

Songs, background music and camera work are assets of the film. Producers Suriya and Jyothika left no stone unturned when it comes to production values. Every frame looks rich.

Overall, Viruman is a movie that entertains you in bits and pieces, but with a plot that’s predictable even from a mile away.


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