Vir Das shared a video Monday in which he talks about how comedians in Indian are not beaten by people, but with things “sedition, slander and hurtful feelings.”

On Monday, comedian Vir Das shared a clip on his Instagram handle from his old stand-up show. In the clip, Vir jokes about how comedians in India are often punished for “hurtful feelings.” Last year, Vir ran into controversy after a video from his show went viral in which he talked about India’s contrasting sides, saying that Indian men “worship women by day, but have gang rapes at night.” Also read: Vir Das talks about his monologue Two Indias: ‘I’m here to do my job. I won’t stop’

In the new video, Vir says: “You come to an Indian comic and you tell us a comedian was beaten, we don’t ask ‘by whom?’ we ask ‘with what?” He then adds, ‘Incitement, slander, hurtful feelings. What did they hit with?’

One fan commented: “This is most likely the Kolkata tour on June 25. I saw this live and I saw Vir introspect people, realize the potential of unity and the dark times of division.” “I repeat myself. He is the most intelligent comedian in India. Brilliant. It is so thoughtful to listen to him.”

Earlier this year in April, actor Priyanka Chopra attended Vir’s show in Los Angeles and wrote a post calling him “brave and inspiring.” She shared photos, writing: “What a day! Watching an amazing friend with amazing friends doing what he does best! @virdas you are so brave and so inspiring to me! Not to mention I’m in tears of laughter!! Thx for having us! I also love that you are back in La @pearlthusi soon! @cavanaughjames are you finally moving too? Love you too @divya_jyoti.”

In 2021, Vir was in the news with his monologue “I Come From Two Indias,” performed at the John F Kennedy Center in Washington. He received reaction from some of the public for allegedly showing a bad image of Indians abroad. His show Vir Da was nominated in the 2021 Best Comedy category at the International Emmy Awards.

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