Vir Das has asked his fans to come to his show without their children because it makes him “uncomfortable” making adult jokes in front of them.

Vir Das on Tuesday, his fans requested that they not bring their children when they came to watch his stand-up comedy show. He said that while the parents insist it won’t be a problem, he feels uncomfortable doing adult comedy in front of children. Also read: Vir Das portrays his quaint ‘home’ as he chills out with his pets, fans say ‘wow, what a luxurious life’. See pictures

The post Vir shared on his Instagram Stories reads: “Hey folks, little request. Yesterday a couple brought a 3-year-old to the show. I get that childcare is super hard to ‘arrange’. Appreciate anyone who arranges babysitting etc. to come out. They said, “She won’t understand. But I’d be uncomfortable saying what I’m saying in front of a child if the child understood even a word. The public would be there too.” uncomfortable to laugh.”

Vir Das' request to people.
Vir Das’ request to people.

He added: “These are small rooms, full of adults, and stand-up shows are no place for a child. The fringe festival offers hundreds of great shows for children, some of which I’ll be seeing too. I appreciate you so much want to come to me, but I wouldn’t feel good doing material. Hope it’s okay and I can see you on a show soon. Thanks, V.”

Last year, Vir made headlines for his monologue I Come From Two Indias, performed at the John F Kennedy Center in Washington. Vir faced criticism on social media for allegedly presenting a bad image of Indians in other countries. Vir was also nominated in the Best Comedy category at the International Emmy Awards in 2021.

Besides doing stand up, Vir starred in several movies like Namastey London, Mumbai Salsa, Love Aaj Kal, Go Goa Gone. He also starred in the dark Netflix comedy Hasmukh, which came out last year.

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