Vijay Varma, who received critical acclaim for his performance as Hamza in Darlings, revealed that he was afraid of playing a negative character who would receive so much hatred from the public. However, it was Shah Rukh Khan’s interest in playing the part that made Vijay more confident in his decision. Read also| Vijay Varma’s mother panicked while watching Darlings, afraid no girl would marry him

Vijay shared that Shah Rukh Khan, who has played negative roles in his 1993 films such as Darr and Baazigar and Duplicate (1998), said he would have played Hamza in Darlings if he were younger. The Netflix film, starring Alia Bhatt in her debut production, is also co-produced by Shah Rukh and Gauri Khan’s Red Chillies Entertainment.

In a recent interview with Film Companion, Vijay Varma recalled: “I remember someone from Red Chillies told me that when Shah Rukh sir read the script he was like ‘agar main young hota toh ye role main hi karta (If I was younger) , I would have only played this part)” which was interesting for me to hear. That was also one of the reasons why I felt I could play this part, because if Shah Rukh Khan thinks that he can play this part, an absolute loverboy, national sweetheart. I was afraid to take on such a part, but I am very happy that it hit the nail in the right place.”

Vijay also spoke of concerns he had about the impact of a role as Hamza on his career. He said: “When I left the screening, I remember Alia saying ‘are you okay’ and I really thought ‘I think mera career khatam ho jaayega iske baad (I think my career will end after this).’ Because a performance that evokes that kind of hatred and fear is scary for an actor.

Darlings, featuring Shefali Shah, Roshan Mathew, Rajesh Sharma and Kiran Karmarkar, among others, was released on Netflix On August 5, Vijay Varma will star alongside Kareena Kapoor and Jaideep Ahlawat in Sujoy Ghosh’s adaptation of Devotion of Suspect X.


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