Anushka Shetty took to Instagram to send her wishes to Liger’s team ahead of the film’s release. Re-share Anushka’s post, Vijay Deverakonda thanked her for her gesture and also said he hoped the movie would make her call him again, just as she did after watching Arjun Reddy. The 2017 Telugu film became one of the biggest hits of the Vijay’s career. Read more: Vijay Deverakonda wears chappals at the Liger event

Liger marks the Bollywood debut of Vijay, who will face actor Ananya Panday for the first time. The film, about a mixed martial arts boxer who stutters, is directed by Puri Jagannadh. In her post shared via an Instagram post, Anushka Shetty wrote: “Jaggu dada (Puri Jagannadh), Charmee (film producer Charmee Kaur), Vijay and Ananya Panday. Wish you all and everyone in team Liger all the best. Looking forward to something.” Re-sharing Anushka’s post on his Instagram Stories, Vijay wrote: “Sweety. Thank you so much. Remember you named me after Arjun Reddy, I hope this movie makes you do that again .

Vijay Deverakonda thanked Anushka Shetty after she took to Instagram to share her wishes for the team at Liger.
Vijay Deverakonda thanked Anushka Shetty after she took to Instagram to share her wishes for the team at Liger.

Vijay underwent mixed martial arts training in Thailand while preparing for his character in Liger. The film was shot simultaneously in Telugu and Hindi. Besides Telugu, Vijay has also dubbed his lines in Hindi. Both Vijay and Ananya Panday are busy promoting Liger, which will hit theaters on August 25 in Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada and Malayalam. The film also stars Ramya Krishnan and American boxer Mike Tyson.

Recently, Ananya and Vijay went to his home in Hyderabad and met his mother, who had organized a puja for the co-stars. Ananya shared photos of the encounter on Instagram, writing, “Blessings from Vijay’s amma (mother) and a pooja at his home in Hyderabad for Liger; thank you aunt.”

Meanwhile, Liger is Ananya’s first pan-Indian film. Recently, the director of the film revealed in a media interaction that he originally planned to bring in Janhvi Kapoor for the project. “I’m a big fan of Sridevi ji, so I wanted to cast Janhvi Kapoor, but her dates weren’t available,” Puri Jagannadh said in Bombay. He added that it was Karan Johar who introduced him to Ananya.


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