Actor Vidyut Jammwal, known for his high-octane action scenes, says it’s not all about fighting, but he does his very best to balance his films with emotions.

During his visit to Lucknow, Sanak actor says: “There are some emotions that we as humans feel, that’s why I would like to play different roles. But since the audience likes to see me in action more, I can’t disappoint them either. That’s more of a reason why my projects are very much about emotion and action.”

Playing a commoner who is an untrained fighter was not easy for him, he adds: “Being a trained martial artist, my body is tuned to reflexes that come naturally to me, so to be honest it’s very difficult to play such roles. It’s not that easy to play an ordinary man who has no idea how to fight. But I take it as agar muskilon ka samna karengey, tabhi cheezein asaan hongi.”

The actor had to unlearn his skills to play an ordinary citizen. “Once I discovered that non-reacting is great, I was able to put myself in the character’s shoes. Then I started to see it from an ordinary man’s perspective that someone who doesn’t know how to fight will use whatever he has to. So then it became easy for me.”

Coming back to the subject of the place where he did extensive shooting, Jammwal says, “There is something special about this region. I shot Bullet Raja (2013) here (in Etawah), Khudha Haafiz (2020) and last year I was here again packing the second chapter. Besides, I was born in Kanpur. I have a feeling that so many movies are shot here because the state government gives a lot of facilities to the makers. Compared to before, people are more used to the shooting experience, so it’s comfortable to shoot there.”

Jammwal loves being in front of the camera and mingling with his army of followers: “When I’m shooting I feel on top of the world having fun, doing creative work and coming back. But when I’m with the Jammwalions family, it’s like bas yahi toh maze hai. These are the people who give me so much love, are fitness enthusiasts and watch my movies first-day-first-show. What more could I ask for in life!”

The action star recently shot a film for his production house. “I have the shoot of IB71 so it will be released soon. Then I do Tear led by Aditya Dutt (Command 3 director).”

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