Nora Fatehi Bo*ld Video: Nora Fatehi shared a bo*ld video on Instagram. Here she can be seen, dressed in a gold-colored Thai dress with a high slit and a deep neck, she leaves the toilet trolley and sits in the car. are open. She is wearing lipstick and she looks gorgeous.

Nora Fatehi’s video has gotten 100,000 likes

In the video, the vanity bus door opens and Nora Fatehi is seen. She looks at the camera and starts posing and is seen with different looks. After this, she gets off the vanity bus and walks to her car. The video has gone viral on Instagram. It has collected 100,000 likes. While the video has almost 6000 commented. Many people have shared heart and soul emojis on the video while many have commented on the video as Amazing, Nice, Beautiful, So Beautiful. Commented like I looked so beautiful, wow, prettiest.

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Nora Fatehi looks beautiful in the video

Nora Fatehi looks very beautiful in the video. Nora Fatehi is very active on social media. She has 470 million followers on Instagram. She also often talks to her fans. This makes her fans very enthusiastic.

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Nora Fatehi has also done special songs in many movies.

Nora Fatehi recently shared a video. In this she can be seen posing in a black dress without a back. This video of Nora has more than 10 lakh likes. She has also done special songs in many movies. She has also worked in many films. She has also been featured in many music videos.

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