Actor Vaani Kapoor has come to terms with the thought that her career and decisions will always be compared to her industry peers, not stalled, admitting that she is always up for healthy competition.

“When it comes to comparing one actor against another, or being pitted against another, I’m so aloof with it. Once I’m on a movie set or working on a project, I’m filled with that project. want to give everything my concentration and the focus is (always) on my work,” says Kapoor, adding: “But yeah, people compare all the time. Sometimes it feels good, because we’re public figures, people want to make comparisons, and people want to do what they want, but you don’t have to worry too much about it.”

The 33-year-old, who was last seen in period drama shamshera, admits her job distracts her from that noise. She explains: “You have to be a horse with blinders on and keep following what comes your way. And put all your energy into that. Because if I keep worrying about what others are doing, I lose my focus and my dedication. That’s why I prefer to focus on my work. I try not to create that pressure.”

Here, Kapoor notes, “But when you talk about healthy competition, that’s amazing. That’s because it also encourages you to do better and do a good job. It challenges you to push yourself more”.

“It forces you to work and work harder and excel at whatever you do. So I don’t assume I don’t get too caught up in it,” concludes the actor.


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