Actor Urmila Matondkar says she’s had a satisfying journey as an actor and wouldn’t want to change anything about her journey in movies

Actor Urmila Matondkar says she has had a satisfying journey as an actor and would not like to change anything about her journey in movies. While some may wonder why she wasn’t as regular at movie parties or other social gatherings, Matondkar says her focus has always been on being an actor, not a star.

“I was too busy being an actor than a star; running to parties and doing PR stunts was never on my list. To date I have no PR and I would like to keep it that way… And believe me, I have never regretted it. Why should I? When I was looking for projects that were a notch above my previous work, people were busy getting magazine covers. It was very daring of me to have let go of a lot of money to be able to do the kind of work that was really different from what was being written and made at the time,” says the actor, who has starred in hit movies. masoom (1983), rangeela (1995)), Satya (1998) and pinjar (2003), just to name a few.

Although the industry is known for being a place where competition is fierce, Matondkar has never really been bothered by it. “I have always competed with myself. That’s how I defined and redefined myself. When actors were coming up with their versions of rangeelareplicated my clothes and hair, i went ahead and did a movie like juda (1997). So the great thing about my job is to get the best out of the ordinary. You can go back and see what kind of projects I’ve done. They are so diverse in terms of stories and characters,” she emphasizes.

Apart from that, she has also found a foothold in politics lately. And this move, she says, was the result of her desire to give back to society. “To me, entertainment is the best way to connect with people and that’s why you’ll see me entertain my fans whether it’s through movies, television or OTT. I am in a place in my life where I am very happy and I feel safe. My political inclination is because of my extremely deep social sense where I want to give back to the society that made me what I am today,” said Matondkar, who is currently assessing a dance reality. DID Super Moms on television.

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