Urfi Javed Bo*ld Video and Photos: Internet sensation Urfi Javed is in discussion these days because of her unusual fashion. Nobody knows when Urfi will appear in front of the camera with what. Urfi can do anything to stay in the limelight at any time. Her atrangi fashion amazes people every time. At the same time, because of her tough look, Urfi continues to be the target of trolls every time. Well, Urfi doesn’t care about any of these things at all. She treats her fans by posting pictures and videos of her hot and tough looks. Meanwhile, another new video from Urfi is going viral. Seeing Urfi’s appearance in this video makes the fans’ senses fly. Watch the video here…

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Urfi Javed has shared one of her latest hot videos on her Instagram account. In this video, Urfi is seen again maintaining her bo*ld style. You can see Urfi wearing a hot designer black bikini on the beach. To cover this bikini, Urfi is wearing a white colored transparent top. Everything is green visible over this top. There are open after Urfi. In this video you can see Urfi walking on the beach enjoying the songs. As always, this video of her is also up for debate. Some users really like this look of Urfi, while others are trolling them again. By commenting on this video, fans are giving their reactions to comments like hot, beautiful, glamorous.

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see watch video here –

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