Urfi Javed’s video is increasingly going viral on social media. In this video, Urfi came in front of the camera with an open top in the front that people were stunned to see.

Urfi Javed Video: When it comes to Urfi Javed, her dressage is unimaginable every time. Every time the actress wears more bold than her old dress, she surprises the fans. But this time, Urfi Javed has taken such a risk with her clothes that it could become a problem for her. The actress, braless, has tied the top with a thread from the front. After that, she played such a game that was quite risky for her. The video of the actress playing the game wearing this top is going viral on social media and her dress is being talked about everywhere.

Such a top made of orange fabric

In this video, Urfi Javed wears an orange open front top. In this video you can clearly see that the actress is wearing this top bra. The special thing is that Urfi has made this top completely open at the front and the top is tied at the front with a thin wire. Urfi wears low-rise jeans with this very bold and relief top.

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Another mistake…

In this video, the actress has tied her top with so much thread that one of her mistakes could make her fall victim to Oops Moment. To complete her look, Urfi has tied her hair in half and left it half open. In addition, Satal looks very good in makeup.

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Spotted playing snooker

In this video Urfi Javed snooker is played. Urfi Javed shared the video, captioning it, “The right way to play pool.”

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