Urfi Javed Stylish Dress: We don’t have to say anything about Urfi Javed’s style. She is the earth in a new form and always shows new ways. But this time, the style of this actress is going to be heavy not only for the fans, but also for Urfi Javed. Because Urfi wore a 20kg dress.

Urfi Javed sometimes sticks flowers on her body and sometimes puts her pictures on her body, but this time Urfi Javed has put glass on herself and she has become a player of dangers.

Yes… Urfi Javed is known for her unique fashion sense and this time she is seen in a totally unique style. Urfi surprised everyone by wearing a glass dress.

Urfi Javed, who is always doing something new with her style, has worn a glass dress this time. Urfi Javed has appeared in a very unique style. As soon as the paparazzi saw her in these unique clothes, she started taking pictures of her, after which Urfi said no one should come near her.

When asked about the reason for this, Urfi said she is wearing a glass dress that also weighs about 20 kg. Wearing this dress was quite tricky, but the fashion junkie Urfi once again surprised everyone with her style.

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