Urfi Javed Viral Video: Urfi Javed has always surprised people with her looks. This time, the actress is wearing a blade dress. Urfi also shared a video of this new look on Instagram, to see which people have been blown away.

New Delhi: Urfi Javed has a lot of discussion about her appearance. The actress was never afraid to experiment with her dresses. Often people are surprised because of their sense of clothing. At the same time, Urfi’s creativity is becoming more irresponsible by the day. This time she has exceeded the limit. This time, Urfi made her dress with a knife. Yes, this is the same knife that people also hold very carefully in their hands. Urfi now roams around in the same dress.

Urfi Javed’s look is often viral

Urfi Javed may not have attracted people for her acting, but her style, dress sense and daring have definitely made her headlines every day. Almost everyone, her new avatar continues to go viral on social media. Urfi has instantly become an internet sensation. Now she has posted another video of herself on Instagram.

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Urfi Javed made a dress with knife

In the latest video, Urfi can be seen in a sleeveless short dress. She made this dress of hers with lots of leaves. The actress has completed her look by doing subtle makeup and her ponytail.

During this, Urfi wears black colored earrings in her ears. At the same time, Urfi is now flaunting this look and showing off her swag in the video.

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Urfi’s look went viral

Within minutes, this look from Urfi is starting to go viral on social media. People have praised her appearance in various ways. One user wrote: ‘How many do you have to kill?’ Another user wrote on her dress sense, “The next level is up there.” Another user wrote: ‘Don’t wear it on Eid, nobody gets a hug.’ However, some people have called this Urfi look hot by making fire emoji.

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