Urfi Javed has become adept at breaking her own boundaries with her appearance. It has become normal for her to be in the headlines every day. Now Urfi has done another photo shoot, in which she can be seen topless.

New Delhi: Urfi Javed, who has become a social media sensation, is told that it is impossible to ignore Urfi whether you like her or not. Perhaps it is not necessary to introduce Urfi now. Every day she tries to make a different identity of herself. Urfi, who started her career as a TV actress, has become a social media sensation today. She has caught everyone’s attention with her different dress sense.

Urfi Javed blew people’s senses again

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Also, people are waiting for Urfi Javed’s new look. Now she has once again wowed people’s senses by sharing her latest look with the fans.

Urfi recently posted a video on her Instagram handle that made users sweat. This time, Urfi has gone topless, crossing all boundaries of daring. She has her upper body covered with newspaper.

This time Urfi Javed crossed all boundaries

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In doing so, Urfi Javed is wearing blue jeans, the button of which she has left unbuttoned. Although, Urfi Javed continues to share her bo*ld photos or videos every day, but this time she has exceeded the limit. Now this video of her is going viral on social media. While sharing the post, Urfi wrote in the caption: “See your photo for caption.” Urfi Javed has written above the paper: ‘Be yourself’.

Urfi was trolled by posting the video

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Urfi has done subtle makeup to complete her sizzling look. With this she left her hair open. Within minutes, thousands of likes came to this video from Urfi. Now, as every time, as fans praise this look from Urfi, on the other hand, there is no shortage of critics. Urfi doesn’t mind trolling though.

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