Urfi Javed shared a special video on her Instagram story. The video shows Urfi wearing a revealing pink rope bra. If you haven’t seen Urfi’s video yet, check it out soon…

The fans of Urfi Javed’s bold and unusual fashion are crazy. Urfi Javed is second to none when it comes to style statement. Urfi is now experimenting with her fashion even more than before. The actress has now shared her new look in a special bikini top, which impresses the fans a lot.

Did Urfi wear a rope bra?

Urfi Javed is now holidaying in a resort. There’s a chance for a vacation and Urfi Javed isn’t trying new looks, it can’t happen. Urfi Javed shared a special video on her Instagram story. In the video, Urfi can be seen wearing a revealing pink rope bra. Video is a bit short. Urfi’s full look is not visible here, but her rope bra can be seen.

Bra on a cord?

We’re sure you’ve never seen such an extrarangi bra made of rope. If you look closely at Urfi’s bra, her rope bra rests with only a thin string in the middle. There are no straps in the bra. The bra from Urfi is made of rope and is strapless, which rests on only one string.

Besides, only Javed can wear such a bold bra. After all, Urfi is the new fashionista. Urfi has also kept her makeup special with a pink bra. She completed her look by applying pink lipstick, kajal, mascara and blush. Urfi looks like a diva in this look. It must be said that Urfi Javed surprises the fans with every look. What did you think of Urfi’s new look?

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