Uorfi Javed Video: Social media influencer and television actress Urfi Javed remains in the headlines. Urfi’s videos come up every day and are seen in the internet world. In this episode, the spotlight is on Urfi’s latest video, in which she is seen running on the road in shorts and a bra.

Urfi reached at wrong location

Urfi Javed Viral Video has been shared by instantbollywood on his official Instagram page. In this clip, Urfi can be seen fighting with the event manager. Actually, the actress reaches the wrong location, which makes her angry. On the other hand, the paparazzi are very eager to catch Urfi.

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street race

When the photos are clicked by the paparazzi, Urfi says, “Get ready to come, man.” To this, Dad says, “I’ll take it, even if you’re ready.” Hearing this, the actress starts to run and Urfi’s shorts begin to fall down. . This video is going very viral in the Instagram world and users are reacting to it quickly.

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Users put class

Commenting on Urfi’s video, one user wrote, “Ma’am is short of clothes.” Another wrote: ‘High Waali Ranu Mandal.’ While another writes: ‘Boycott against Urfi too. Do it.’ Let us tell you that Urfi is in the spotlight because of her unusual fashion. Sometimes they are seen giving the fans visual treats by making a dress with chain, leaf, rope and sometimes thread. As much as the actress’s fashion sense is loved by her fans, the trolls are seen as a dig at her.

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