Urfi Javed Video: Recently a video of Urfi Javed has been released. In this video, a person who got close to Urfi insisted on being photographed.

Urfi Javed Video: Urfi Javed is known for her unusual style. Every time she does such experiments with her dress, you will be amazed too. Recently, when she came out in a blue outfit, people surrounded her and a person came very close to her.

The person close to Urfi. came

Urfi Javed was spotted in the Andheri area of ​​Mumbai on Wednesday, where everyone was stunned to see her dress sense. This time, Urfi wore a dress cut from below the collar and made a lot of headlines. Urfi wore a short dress and this dress was made completely different by her designer. Seeing this form of Urfi Javed, traffic piled up in the streets of Mumbai and people began to admire her. One person tried to get close to Urfi and take a photo with her. After which Urfi yelled at her.

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Urfi Javed in the list of most wanted Asian

Urfi Javed’s name has recently been added to the most wanted Asian list. The special thing is that Urfi was left in this list from Kiara Advani to Jhanvi Kapoor. That is, people searched more Urfi on the Internet than Kiara and Jhanvi. Although many celebs reacted to this and some people even objected to it, Urfi Javed reacted and said that those people don’t think I’m worthy, which isn’t even on that list.

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