Urfi Javed new video: Urfi Javed, who hitherto made headlines for her dress and style, has now entered the discussion about where to keep her lipstick. When Urfi came through the streets of Mumbai, pulling out her lipstick for a touch-up, onlookers were stunned.

Urfi Javed new video: Whatever Urfi Javed doesn’t do, if you do a little bit more, think it’s a mess. Now the style of this beauty is something like this so what should one do. As soon as Urfi Javed leaves the house, her noise is heard everywhere. Urfi, who is often in the news about her clothes, this time dominated her lipstick. Yes… Urfi, getting ready on the streets of Mumbai, pulled out lipstick for a touch-up in such a place that the onlookers couldn’t stop staring.

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Have you seen the urfi mini bag?

Urfi Javed was spotted again in Mumbai in her different style. Urfi, who came out of the house wearing bralette shorts, suddenly remembered the makeover after seeing the rooms, then Urfi took lipstick from a small purse tied to her leg, smiled and posed for the camera. At the same time, everyone continued to see this great fashion sense of Urfi.

At the same time, social media users are also reacting strongly to this video. Many funny comments have been made by users on this post. One user wrote: ‘What’s hidden in the basement’, while another user said: ‘Isn’t Urfi cold?’

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This achievement in the name of Urfi

Recently, Urfi Javed has done a great job. Urfi Javed has become one of the most wanted Asian celebs. What’s special is that Urfi made it to number 57 in this list, beating Kiara Advani, Jhanvi Kapoor, Shilpa Shetty to Kangana Ranaut. Not only this, even popular TV star Tejashwi Prakash has been left behind in this. Although beauties like Katrina Kaif, Lata Mangeshkar, Priyanka Chopra and Alia Bhatt are ahead of Urfi.

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