Urfi Javed Photos: Urfi Javed always stays in the discussion about her outfits. Sometimes she comes in front of people who wear her uncomfortable clothes, and sometimes she wears such clothes, which is also a threat to her life. Recently, Urfi wore a dress made of razor blades, to see which senses were blown away from people.

Urfi Javed has prepared her new razor blade dress. Urfi looks really good in this dangerous razor blade dress. As beautiful as Urfi looks in this dress, this dress is also dangerous. A small mistake allows the actress to cut the body with a knife and bleed. Seeing this dress will definitely make you sweaty.

A few days ago, Urfi Javed caused a stir by wearing this dress. Yes, Urfi Javed wore a broken glass dress. Which also got her injured. Not only this, Urfi had also reached the party in a glass dress, Urfi herself had told that the weight of this dress was 20 kg. This dress from Urfi was also very dangerous.

When Urfi Javed wore lattice pants and tank tops in her legs, these beauties showed up with iron chains and gave more than one pose. But wearing this dress for Urfi thought it was a bit expensive. With these heavy iron shackles on, Urfi’s neck was peeled from behind. However, this is not the first time Urfi has hurt herself in the fashion world.

You will be surprised to know that Urfi also made one by adding a safety pin. You never thought that the safety pin you use in everyday life can also be made in his dress. However, wearing a safety pin dress is also no less than a danger. If a single safety pin is punctured, you can be in a bad shape due to pain.

Urfi Javed recently shared a video on her Instagram account, in this video she is seen initially with a wire in her hand. But the next moment, the actress is wearing a dress with the same electrical wire.

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