Urfi Javed Foil Paper Dress: When it comes to fashion, the first name that comes to mind is Urfi Javed. she is an expert at surprising the front with his style. Once again, Urfi’s photos have caused a stir on the internet. The new photos show Urfi in a foil-paper dress.

The new photos of Urfi Javed have once again caught the attention of the people. It can be said that Urfi has created a riot on the internet with her latest look.

She didn’t use a bag or stone this time. Instead, her latest photos show Urfi applying foil paper to her body.

Urfi Javed recently shared three photos of himself in a row on his official Instagram account. Anyone can go crazy with Urfi’s style in any photo.

Urfi shows off the camera beautifully in every photo. His photos are increasingly going viral on social media. Urfi’s bo*ld and bo*ld look is much loved by the fans.

Every look of Urfi trends on social media. Because of its peculiar fashion, she often has to be trolled. However, it never had any effect on Urfi.

Urfi sometimes makes dresses from jute sacks, sometimes with stones and this time she has taken over the work of foil paper outfits.

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