Urfi Javed Fake Body Organ: Urfi Javed recently made a shocking revelation about her body in a video. Urfi Javed told that this part of her body is completely fake.

Urfi Javed Fake Body Part: Urfi Javed is known for her unusual style. Every time she does such experiments with her dress, you will be amazed too. Now Urfi has made a shocking revelation about her body. In a video that has surfaced on social media, Urfi has revealed that part of her body is completely fake.

Urfi Javed made this reveal

Recently, Urfi Javed arrived in a cropped dress to attend the event. During this time, Urfi looked very beautiful. During the event, Urfi was questioned about eating and drinking during the rainy season. Urfi told her that she doesn’t eat corn because all her teeth are fake. Urfi said, “If I eat corn, all my teeth will break because they are all fake.” After this, however, Urfi said that she is very fond of food and often eats one thing or another.

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Fans are surprised

Everyone is surprised to know this truth about Urfi. Actually, heroines often do hair extensions, nail extensions and all kinds of beauty surgery for beauty, but everyone first came to know that all the teeth of Urfi are fake.

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Urfi javed look

Urfi Javed was spotted in the Andheri area of ​​Mumbai on Wednesday, where everyone was stunned to see her dress sense. This time, Urfi wore a dress cut from below the collar and made a lot of headlines. Urfi wore a short dress and her designer made this dress completely different. Seeing this form of Urfi Javed, traffic piled up in the streets of Mumbai and people began to admire her.

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Most Wanted Asian

Urfi Javed’s name has recently been added to the most wanted Asian list. The special thing is that Urfi was left in this list from Kiara Advani to Jhanvi Kapoor. That is, people searched more Urfi on the Internet than Kiara and Jhanvi. Although a lot of celebs reacted to this and some people even objected to it, after which Urfi Javed reacted and said that those people don’t think I’m worthy, which isn’t even on that list.

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