Urfi Javed News: Recently Urfi had told Javed that someone was blackmailing her, the matter had not yet been settled, now that Urfi has told that someone has threatened her.

Urfi Javed Latest News: Urfi Javed is not featured in any series, nor is she currently part of a movie, yet she is in the spotlight more than any major star. Urfi Javed is known for her unique fashion sense and often comes into the limelight for her strangely poor outfits. But now Urfi is in discussion for another reason. That is, receiving death threats to them.

Did the sniper really threaten?

Urfi Javed herself has given this information, she is facing death threats on social media. She shared full information about it on Insta Story. Urfi not only told people about it, but also shared the seriousness of the matter on Insta Story by sharing some screenshots. According to Urfi, someone even tried to video call her in the middle of the night, but she didn’t answer the phone, after which someone sent her a YouTube video of the arrest of a sharp shooter from gangster Tillu Tajpuria gang. Urfi then asked who they are. At the same time, Urfi Javed writes in another screenshot that she will not be afraid of anyone. It appears from this chat that this man is demanding Urfi to remove a person’s photo, but Urfi looks at her fearlessly.

Someone tried to blackmail before

Even before that, Urfi had told Javed that someone was trying to blackmail her. She had made very serious accusations against that person. Urfi had posted on social media and told that this person is associated with the Punjabi industry who she has also worked with but she has been blackmailing Urfi for a long time.

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