A new video of Urfi in an underwired bralette with a skirt is going viral. In which her swag and attitude look very killer. Urfi has completely dominated social media.

Urfi Javed can be seen again in a beautiful dress. Everyone is amazed to see who. Urfi Javed is no match for fashion and style statements.

Apart from being a glamorous diva, Urfi Javed has now also become a great designer. Urfi’s new dress. You will be surprised to see her. You must be thinking what Urfi Javed is wearing like that.

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Once you see this video from Urfi Javed you will know everything. Your super sizzling dress is made of blue colored electrical wire. Why didn’t your senses fly away? Yes, Urfi has created a beautifully cut short dress by wrapping a blue colored electrical wire around her body.

In a bralette and underwire skirt, Urfi’s swag and attitude are extremely killer. The confidence with which Urfi has carried her appearance is truly commendable.

By the way, Urfi’s creativity is also praised, because it is not easy to even think about creating such an unusual dress.

Urfi wrote in the caption along with the video that yes, this is the thread. The wire hasn’t even been cut. I think it looks like a bomb. I think I’m going to try it in different colors too. Doing fashion experiments for me and creating something new.

Rfi’s video went viral on social media within minutes. There are many fan reactions to the video. One user wrote – She is fire, another user wrote that Desi lady gaga, another user said So hot, another user wrote – Switch chalu kar re

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