Urfi Javed Best photos ever: Urfi Javed is a social media sensation. Urfi is known for her unique new kind of clothing, which means she is always in the news. Here we are going to show you the most daring and sexy pictures of Urfi in which she wears clothes that hardly anyone else can wear. Sometimes a dress made of pieces of glass and sometimes pants like a plastic bag.. Check out Urfi Javed’s best fashion picks..

While some people liked this look of Urfi, many people trolled Urfi for this look as well. In this photo, Urfi is wearing a white bralette and a white mini skirt, over which the dress has been prepped by adding pieces of glass.

This outfit from Urfi is also very bold. There are flowers all over Urfi’s body and in this semi-nude look Urfi has done a photo shoot with confidence. This look from Urfi has also been in the news a lot.

This look from Urfi also went very viral. In this look, Urfi wears pants made of plastic bag-like material and has a bra on top. In this body show look, she has compared herself to a mermaid.

Hardly anyone can compete with this dress. This entire dress from Urfi is made of safety pins and in this look she has shown another example of creativity. Urfi was seen dancing in this safety pin dress.

In this outfit, Urfi wears a mesh pantyhose and a chain top is made on top. A very daring fashion choice, Urfi later had to bear the brunt of it as the necklace left marks on her body.

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