Bombay : We have all seen Urfi Javed as a participant in Bigg Boss OTT. Urfi dominates social media every day. The reason she’s in the spotlight is because of her weird clothes. She is often trolled for her strange clothes. Yet she does not stop with her antics.

Some people also say that Urfi has neither work nor talent. That’s why she continues to go viral on social media, showing off her useless clothes and body every day. Today, her airport look is up for debate. This time she has exceeded the limit. The clothes people wear in jeans wear jeans outside.

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Seeing her strange style, people have a lot of fun. Even the famous celebrity photographer Viral Bhayani joked about Urfi by sharing a video of her in unique clothes. She wrote in the caption to the video, “I don’t like the cold, in such short clothes.”

Besides, Urfi says about the trolls that they don’t care what people say. She likes to live life the way she wants.

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