Urfi Javed Bo*ld looks like: Urfi Javed has become so famous from the sight that everyone is eager to see her new dress. The special thing is that Urfi is also sometimes trolled because of her strange dress. Today we show you 5 photos of Urfi Javed who caused a stir on social media.

Let’s talk about Urfi Javed’s coastal look first. In this video, Urfi Javed was seen wearing a bra made of animal shells and a transparent cloth wrapped at the bottom. This video had gone very viral.

Urfi Javed has also gone topless for the camera. See this bedroom photo of Urfi Javed, where she lies topless on the bed.

Even when she’s wearing a bikini, Urfi Javed has shared many of her photos on social media. Look at this photo of the actress in a pink bikini that shows her smiling and laughing.

Even after pasting her photo on the body, Urfi Javed has posed for the camera. Check out this picture of the actress posing by pasting the picture on the whole body.

Besides bik*ini, Urfi Javed has also done many poses for the camera in monokini. Check out this photo of the actress wearing a blue monokini as she exits the pool.

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