Urfi Javed new dress: flowers, stones, thorns, mirrors…. This social media queen has come back into the limelight for her latest Galaxy look.

Urfi Javed new look: You know the style of Urfi Javed. Whatever she does, she does a little… Sometimes flowers, sometimes mirror, sometimes stones and sometimes with leaves, Urfi, who this time made a dress for herself, did not even leave nature and wrapped the moon and stars on herself . Inspired by Galax, Urfi made such a dress in which she was absorbed in herself. Anyone who saw this look from Urfi was stunned. Now someone seems to praise her, then someone is seen scolding her about this fashion of hers.

Urfi made a unique dress

Urfi Javed was spotted again today in Mumbai and like every time she was in the spotlight with her fashion. This time, this beauty appeared in such an avatar that the viewers could not believe it. Inspired by the photo of the viral Galaxy on social media, Urfi made this dress.

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Now social media users are also commenting a lot on this look of Urfi. Someone wrote – Now we had to see it, then someone said – limit is man. At the same time, there were also people who praised this look of Urfi.

Urfi was seen walking away from the media

Urfi is the queen of social media and there’s no doubt about it, so the paparazzi are desperate to get a glimpse of her. At the same time, Urfi also leaves no stone unturned to get the attention of the media, but today, where photographers chased Urfi, while Urfi ran away from them, she was also very fast. Everyone was stunned to see this.

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Actually, Urfi said she’s not ready and her photos should not be clicked until she’s fully prepared, but Urfi’s crazy paparazzi ran off to catch a glimpse of her in such a way that she couldn’t get more. would stop.

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