Urfi Javed Death Fake News: The news of a fake death with Photoshopped photos spread on social media related to the death of Urfi Javed. As soon as the actress found out, she shared her surprised reaction by taking a screenshot of it.

Urfi Javed Raection on Death Rumors: Actress Urfi Javed dominates social media more than one every day because of her bo*ld style. This time, however, the actress has come into discussion about the rumors of her death. As soon as Urfi became aware of the spread of false news about her death, the actress immediately expressed her surprise and responded by sharing photos and comments. Some of Urfi Javed’s photos were Photoshopped and their memes were created, after which the false news of her death spread.

Hanging photo goes viral

Urfi Javed shared a screenshot in her Instagram story. It has a collage of two photos. One shows a rope wrapped around Urfi’s neck, while the second shows her birth and death sun. These photos were posted on Facebook by a user named Kailash Raj as well as she wrote ‘RIP urfi Javed this is a huge loss to anyone’ Apart from this this person also wrote in the comment that ‘I urfi I stand with the killer from

Urfi Javed gave this comment

Urfi shared the screenshot and said, ‘What’s happening in this world? I’ve received many death threats, and now this. In the response she also writes that she is with my killers, idiot.

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Photoshopped viral photo

Let us tell you that the photo of the rope around Urfi’s neck has been edited. Actually, Urfi had worn a dress in which she did not wear a top, but covered herself with many necklaces. Now her weight was enough, leaving red spots on her neck. She herself shared the photo.

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Threats Received After Posting About Udaipur . Massacre

Social media sensation aka Javed is spotted in a strange way every day. She is seen giving a good response to everyone. At the same time, she also keeps her opinion on current affairs. Recently, Urfi had condemned the massacre in Udaipur. She posted in an Instagram story, writing ‘Allah has never approved such barbarity in the name of religion’, now since this post she has started getting dirty comments and threatening messages. Not only this, there are also rumors about her suicide.

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