Whenever Urfi gives Javed a published appearance, she is seen with something different. Their clothing is so different, there is no limit to it. Urfi Javed’s fashion sense seems to be everywhere. This time Urfi Javed has worked wonders. Photo shoot was done by applying silverware on the body.

Instagram sensation and fan favorite Urfi Javed once again seemed to injure everyone with her style. This time, Urfi Javed has done something that he has not yet been able to muster to do it. Urfi Javed has gone topless, but he’s put a spin on it. Urfi Javed has silverware applied to her body in the front part, which has covered her body parts. Urfi Javed has shared all the photos from her latest photo shoot on Instagram.

Seeing Urfi Javed, no one can say she went topless. Urfi Javed has presented herself with such creativity, which is commendable. With nude makeup, gel is applied to the hair and placed backwards. As many people troll Urfi Javed, there are just as many fans of her. Urfi Javed’s photo shoot is increasingly going viral among her fans.

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Urfi new photo shoot viral

Urfi Javed shared the photos from her photo shoots, writing in the caption, “Enlightening, I used silverware for this.” Urfi Javed fans love this photoshoot of her. Some comment by making heart emoji and some fire emoji. One fan has even described Urfi Javed as ‘Barfi’. In a few minutes, about 40 thousand likes have come to this post from Urfi Javed. People everywhere are sharing it and praising their spirit.

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It must be said that Carrie not only presents herself as Urfi Javed, but also knows how to do it right. When you see these photos of Urfi, she only showed off her half body. Some people have also started trolling Urfi Javed during this photo shoot. One user wrote: “What’s the benefit of getting such shoots done?” Another user wrote: “It’s too much.” Urfi Javed doesn’t mind these trolls though. She pays no attention to anyone and does not waste her time answering.

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Not long ago, Urfi Javed had three million followers on Instagram. On this occasion, he had a bright party with friends. During this celebration, Urfi was seen in a white two-piece dress. She wore a glass outfit over this dress. Now Urfi has transformed this white dress and decorated it with diamonds and jewels.

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