Oops…! Urfi Javed, you are really wreaking havoc with your hotness. As much as you praise Urfi Javed’s tough style in the new photos, it will probably be less so. Urfi’s new look is super sizzling and Atrangi at the same time.

Outfits that are hard to imagine, Urfi wears such super bold dresses with the utmost confidence. Urfi has proven with her new look that she has no answer when it comes to flaunting style statements and tough looks.

The most striking part of Urfi’s look is her top part. The actress is not wearing a bralette or crop top this time. You will be surprised to learn that instead of the top, the actress has worn a lot of necklaces just around her neck this time. The most interesting thing is that the necklaces worn by Urfi also have locks set in them.

Oh… oh… don’t laugh! You look at the photos of the actress. The chains that Urfi wore around the neck have many locks and safety pins in pink, blue and black colors. Urfi wore locks and chains around her neck instead of the top and paired it with bikini bottoms, with a net skirt attached.

Urfi has applied nude pink lipstick to her atrangi outfit. The actress completed her look with pink eyeshadow and eyeliner. Urfi has made a high ponytail in her hair. Urfi has also adorned her braid with a necklace. With white high heels, Urfi has given her look a glamorous touch.

Seeing this look of Urfi Javed, one could say that the actress has set a new trend in the fashion world by wearing chains and locks around her neck instead of the top. When it comes to style and bo*ld fashion, Urfi has no answer for this.

Photos and videos of Urfi in the new look are dominating the social media platforms. Fans are surprised to see Urfi wearing locks and chains around her neck. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that Urfi Javed really caused panic with his appearance this time around.

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