Urfi Javed’s new look is increasingly going viral on social media. In this look, Urfi made such a dress by wrapping a purple cloth that surprised everyone.

Urfi Javed Look: Urfi Javed is hard to compete with anyone in terms of dress sense. Every time Urfi comes in front of the camera with something new, everyone is amazed at the sight of her clothes. This time too, Urfi appeared in front of the camera in a skirt without a top. After that, the actress gave such poses in front of the camera, which will also blow your mind. The video of this new look of the actress is increasingly going viral on social media. In which Urfi shows her style in a cool look.

Purple colored cloth

In this video, Urfi Javed has come out with such a dress made of purple fabric that her fans were surprised to see the video. In this video, Urfi is wearing a purple short skirt. With this skirt, instead of the top, the actress has somehow wrapped the cloth so that it covers the body from the front.

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Skirt with cord

Looking at this dress from Urfi Javed, it looks like she wrapped the cloth over the skirt and tucked it in with cords. The special thing is that Urfi wears this dress braless. The specialty of this dress of the actress is that it rests on the cords from top to bottom. At the same time, to complete her look, Urfi has done a hair bun and has also appeared in subtle makeup. In addition, sandals with high heels are worn.

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fiercely posed

When Urfi Javed wore this dress, he gave more than one killer pose as soon as he got in front of the camera. In which her fans get out of control after seeing the performance of the actress.

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