Urfi Javed Bo*ld Photo: Urfi Javed, known as the ‘Big Boss OTT’ contestant, surprised everyone with her playing. While Urfi surprised the fans with her playing on the show, now she surprises the fans with her dress sense after the show. She is constantly in the headlines for her bo*ld look. Often Urfi fans don’t even understand what they are wearing. She is also often trolled. Meanwhile, Urfi is once again in the spotlight for her clothes. See photo here…

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The viral photo of Urfi Javed has been shared by Bollywood’s famed celebrity photographer Yogen Shah on her Instagram account. In this photo you can see Urfi wearing an open simri hoodie top with no inner clothes. At the same time, Urfi has worn a matching skirt.

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Urfi Bala looks good in this dress. As always, the reactions of the fans come to this photo. In this photo you can see that Urfi’s trust is worth a look. Commenting on this, one user wrote: ‘Crap dress and crap dressing feeling. I don’t know why people cover it up.’ At the same time, one user wrote, “She doesn’t like to wear clothes.”

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Let us tell you that recently Urfi Javed was spotted in Mumbai airport. During this, the top that Urfi Javed was wearing was completely transparent. Seeing this also blows the senses of social media users.

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Urfi Javed wore a black mesh top. She also wore black pants. On the other hand, Urfi’s transparent top only had a thin cloth on the front. Seeing this tough look from Urfi, social media users have also lost their sweat. However, for this different look, Urfi Javed has also fallen under the target of the trolls.

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Urfi Javed Airport Latest Video |  ब्रा लेट और शॉर्ट स्कर्ट पहन कर पहुंची उर्फी जावेद ||  viral video
Urfi Javed Airport Latest Video | ब्रा लेट और शॉर्ट स्कर्ट पहन कर पहुंची उर्फी जावेद || viral video

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