Urfi Javed Photos: Urfi Javed continues to be in the news every day. She attracts people’s attention through her unique fashion. Recently, she made a sensation with her cut out outfits. I don’t know where the cut was on the blue Urfi dress. When they saw this, the minds of the people were astonished.

The previous day, Urfi wore a dress cut from below the collar and made a lot of headlines. Urfi wore a short dress and her designer made this dress completely different. Seeing this form of Urfi Javed, traffic piled up in the streets of Mumbai and people began to admire her.

In this outfit, Urfi seems to have made her own clothes by cutting two pairs of trousers. The top was made by cutting one pants and the other was cut and made into a skirt. When they saw this look from Urfi, people hit their heads.

In this outfit, Urfi wrapped a cloth around a large bracelet and gave it a bra style. However, if you look closely, you will discover that Urfi is wearing a bra made of gloves.

The bag is used to wash things like this. But only Urfi can do the job of making this outfit. She turned the bag into a top and a mini skirt. Like every time, she was also trolled about this drink this time.

Urfi recently shared a video on social media. In this video she is first seen with a blue wire. But within seconds she also made a dress from the same thread. People were beating their heads when they saw her outfit.

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