Urfi Javed keeps the internet on fire with her fashion sense. Now she has shared her latest video showing her in a very revealing dress.

New Delhi: ‘Bigg Boss OTT’ fame Urfi Javed is always in the headlines for her fashion sense. Her clothing style is always different as the fans’ eyes are on her. Though, Urfi is also a troll for her dress, but she clearly says she doesn’t mind trolling. Now a new video of Urfi Javed has surfaced, proving that there has been a stir in the hearts of the fans.

The eyes of the fans on Urfi’s dress

In the video, Urfi (Urfi Javed) is seen in a fitted playsuit of black color, which looks like a very revealing dress. She swings her waist and then turns in front of the camera and poses in a bold style that has caused quite a stir on the internet. This video from Urfi is much liked and shared.

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Urfi Javed gave this task to the fans

Urfi Javed shared this video on Instagram account and also tasked the fans. She wrote in the caption- ‘By the way, black on me…. finish this sentence’. Reply to a user, wrote, absolutely awesome hot. Another commented, you are very beautiful. Someone commented, oops sexy dress. At the same time, wrote another user, I always eagerly await your message.

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Danced fiercely on ‘raw’ almonds

Previously, Urfi Javed was fiercely danced to the popular song ‘Kachha Badam’. The video showed Urfi being seen in a black backless dress. In addition, she is wearing jeans in which she looked very hot. She dances drunkenly to the song ‘Kachha Badam’. Fans’ senses were blown away after seeing her shock. Her video was very popular.

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Urfi’s music video became very popular

It is worth noting that Urfi Javed’s music video ‘Hal Chal’ was recently released in which she appeared in the role of a Punjabi girl. This song was written by Korla Mann and she provided her voice. She has sung this song with Gurlej Akhtar. This song became a hit as soon as it was released on YouTube. This video track has gotten about 2 crore views so far.

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