Urfi Javed Video: From Delhi to Mumbai, people are suffering from the heat, they sweat, the heat waves are killing their lives. Well Suraj would have escaped Dada anyway, but how can anyone survive from the mercury that Urfi raised Javed.

Urfi Javed Unique Style: Everyone has to deal with the heat these days. People are afraid to leave the house to escape the scorching light of the sun. Well you will be saved from Sooraj but how to avoid Urfi Javed’s actions. Because even their ACs fail. Seeing Urfi Javed makes people sweat while sitting at home. Brother…..even if you do now….. Every act of Urfi is such that Uff… comes out of the beholder’s mouth.

Urfi raises the mercury again

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While no one can escape the unbearable beauty of Urfi Javed, people were aware that Hasina once again wreaked havoc in a new way and subsequently raised the mercury. Urfi Javed was spotted again on Friday in Mumbai, where her style looked different again. Urfi Javed wore a very unique top with white jeans. This time, Urfi made his style statement from plastic. Yes… the pink top Urfi Javed was wearing was made of plastic by pressing it together on the stove. We’re not talking about this, but by sharing a video on her Insta story, Urfi has told this herself. Whether this thing is true or false, only Urfi knows.

Sometimes she pastes flowers and sometimes a dress made from a photo

Incidentally, this is not the first time that this unique style of Urfi has been shown, but Urfi does not miss the opportunity to experiment with style. Recently she saw flowers sticking on her body, before that she had made a dress from her own photos and had made a lot of headlines by wearing that outfit.

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