Upasana Singh has taken legal action against Miss Universe Harnaaz Sandhu for allegedly violating a contract for her Punjabi film and breaking away from the film completely. The actor-producer reveals that a subpoena has been sent to her, in which he confesses that she lost a lot of money because of her.

Sandhu has run into legal trouble for the Punjabi film Bai Ji Kuttange, which also stars Singh’s son, Nanak. Singh has acted and produced the film.

“My contract with Harnaaz runs even before she became Miss Universe. I gave her a chance when she was a struggling newcomer. She stayed with us in Mumbai. I took care of her, taught her how to act. She was like my child, and she called me her godmother. I threw a party when she won the international pageant. But she cut her ties with us after gaining international recognition,” Singh said.

The film was set to release in May earlier this year, but Singh says they’ve changed the release date to August 19, so that “Harnaaz will be released from her Miss Universe commitments and give time to the film.”

According to the contract, Harnaaz would have to give 25 days for promotion as lead, Singh claims.

“But she just broke away from the film, and it also seems to be from the Punjabi film industry after she won the election. I even told her to give me 5 days if 25 days is now too much for her. She doesn’t even post about the movie on social media, while she posts about all the brands and parties on her handle,” the actor says.

Singh is candid about her decision to go the legal way, saying she had no other options when “Harnaaz stopped responding to her emails, messages and calls”.

She didn’t even respond to my message. I was tired of chasing her. Now the court is sending her a subpoena today (Aug. 5),” added the actor, who has worked in the industry for more than 30 years.

Singh tells of an incident: “Recently an actor from the team called her and asked her if she was willing to do a show in Dubai. She responded to show her willingness and told him to contact her. team to discuss money matters. When the actor asked her to give me dates, she just disconnected. Imagine?”

Here Singh shares that the crisis has brought a financial setback for her as well. “I put my hard-earned money into producing the film. When we changed the release date, also at that time, I lost so much money. Now many sponsors withdraw during the promotion and say ‘Harnaaz is not coming’. I had to take out a loan to release and promote my film now,” she says.

“At the moment it seems that Punjabi actors and the industry have become too small for Harnaaz. When she won the election, she said she is a proud Punjabi, and when it came to doing something for the industry and bringing international exposure, she stepped back. Download drama kar rahe the monkey our time. Abhi usko mister Bollywood and Hollywood ki padi hai. The Punjabi film industry is too small for her. Meine sunna that change log ho jaate hain, aaj dekh rahi hun,” exclaims Singh.

Now Singh has filed a civil suit in Chandigarh court and she is sure that action will be taken. “But I’m the one who loses. I lost so much money, and the promotion time that was valuable to my film. She has betrayed my trust. I just hope she doesn’t repeat this with anyone else,” she concludes disappointed.

Meanwhile, we also contacted Sandhu, who did not respond until the story went to press.


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