BrahmastraKesariya’s first song was released by the film producers on Sunday afternoon and within minutes the highly anticipated song was trending on social media. However, as many appreciated the romantic song, a few cringed on some parts, especially some rather questionable lyrics. Several memes were shared on social media platforms about the inclusion of the Hinglish phrase “love storiyaan” in the song. Read also| Brahmastra’s Kesariya Song: Alia Bhatt pledges to assist Ranbir Kapoor. Watch

Many people took to Twitter to share memes about the song, especially the “love storiyaan” part. The lyrics, which Ranbir Kapoor’s Shiva dedicates to Alia’s Isha in the song, are: “Kaajal ki, siyaahi se likhi, hain tu ne jaane, kitnon ki love storiyaan (Don’t know how many love stories you’ve written with ink made from kohl).”

Several users tweeted that the words were out of place in the song, such as an elaichi (cardamom) in a biryani. Others said that the hook part of the song released in the teaser has a very different vibe to the rest of the song.

Memes about Kesariya from Brahmastra.
Memes about Kesariya from Brahmastra.

A number of memes revolved around how ‘Kesariya tera ishq hai piya (your love is saffron)’ put listeners in a happy mood, but the rest of the song put them in a depressed state. A user tweeted pictures of different moods of Jethalal from TV soap Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah to show their contrasting feelings when the “love storiyaan” part in the song is played. Someone tweeted about the phrase, “A small piece of elaichi can ruin the whole biryani.” Some tweeted that the song completely ruined the expectations it had built with the teaser.

Memes about Kesariya and the text 'love storiyaan' by Brahmastra.
Memes about Kesariya and the text ‘love storiyaan’ by Brahmastra.

Kesariya’s teaser video showing Ranbir and Alia Bhatt romancing in Varanasi, was released ahead of their April wedding, while the full track was released on Sunday. It is composed by Pritam while the lyrics are written by Amitabh Bhattacharya. Arijit Singh has sung the Hindi version of the song.

The song has also been released in its Telugu, Tamil, Malayalam and Kannada versions. Sid Sriram has sung these versions, which are called Kumkumala, Theethiriyaai, Kunkumamaake and Kesariya Rangu respectively. Many tweeted that Sid Sriram’s versions of Kesariya are better than the Hindi song because it didn’t contain the “love storiyaan” lyrics. Brahmastra, the first in a three-part sci-fi film franchise, will be released in all five languages ​​on September 9.


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