Shekhar Kapur shared a throwback photo of himself and Tom Cruise from when the actor visited India in 2011. Shekhar posted the photo and joked that Tom gave him a collar to question him about the delay in making his movie Paani . Read also| Shekhar Kapur Adapts Amish Tripathi’s Shiva Trilogy Into A Web Series

Shekhar took to his Twitter account on Sunday to share the photo, which shows him and Tom Cruise at a party in 2011. The party was hosted by Anil Kapoor at the Taj Mahal Hotel in Mumbai while Tom was in India promoting his movie Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol. In the photo, Tom had a hand on Shekhar’s shoulder as they both smiled. Shekhar joked in the caption, “When Tom Cruise grabbed me and asked me why I’m not making Paani.”

Shekhar Kapur shares a photo with Tom Cruise.
Shekhar Kapur shares a photo with Tom Cruise.

In the comments section, fans also started questioning Shekhar about the delay in his ambitious project. One said: “I think it’s time sir to start the process, it could be a pan-Indian film with cast from all sectors. You are a great storyteller and visual artist, I want to see your story come to life.” Another tweeted, “Sir, make that movie…now you can do it on a grander scale.” A third wrote: “Now listen to him and make it.” Several other fans responded with smiling emojis to the tweet.

Shekhar’s film Paani set out to tackle themes such as climate crisis and tell the story of a future city where the rich take all the water and use it as a weapon of political and social control. The late actor Sushant Singh Rajput was revealed as the lead actor in 2013, but it had not yet entered production when he passed away in June 2020. Following Sushant’s death, Shekhar had said he would dedicate the film to the late actor, if it ever does. would happen. sees the light of day. In his interviews, Shekhar had cited “logistical considerations” and “expensive” budget as the reasons for the delay in Paani.

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