Tom Cruise‘s latest release Top Gun: Maverick is the highest grossing film of his career. The film has grossed more than $1 billion worldwide to date, making it the highest-grossing film of the year, dwarfing blockbusters like Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness and The Batman. With this success, there were speculations as to whether Tom would make it a franchise and return with a third installment. Now his Maverick co-actor Miles Teller has added fuel to the fire by saying he and Tom have talked about it. Also read: Tom Cruise confirms his superstar status in Top Gun Maverick, his most exciting movie in years

Top Gun: Maverick sees Tom reprise his iconic role of Navy aviator Pete “Maverick” Mitchell, who audiences first saw in his 1986 cult classic Top Gun. In addition to Tom and a cameo from Val Kilmer, Maverick has an all-new cast that includes Jennifer Connelly, Glen Powell , Jon Hamm, Monica Barbao and Miles.

In a recent interview with ET Online, Miles was asked about plans for a possible Top Gun 3 and he replied, “That would be great, but that’s all up to TC (Tom Cruise). I’ve had several conversations with him about it. We will see. For him to share Top Gun with me and a lot of these other young actors, it’s just been such a wild ride, and it’s still going on.”

Fans would appreciate it if the next sequel didn’t last 36 years like this one. For years, Tom was loath to return to Top Gun, even as he turned his other big hit – Mission Impossible – into a franchise. Still, a few years later, he was finally convinced when the right story came along. Speaking to The Hollywood Reporter, Top Gun editor Billy Weber said there was never any talk of a sequel when the movie came out in ’86, because it was so difficult to film the dogfights with the technology at hand. “The studio knew how hard it was to put together and create what we ended up with. I think it took years and years for them to ever bring that up. There was no more film [of the flying] that we didn’t use that we could use. Nothing. In fact, we probably used a few shots two or three times,” he said.

But Top Gun 3 would have to wait now. Tom will only be featured in the Mission Impossible franchise for the next two years. The seventh episode, titled Mission: Impossible – Dead Reckoning Part Onewill be released in 2023 and part two is planned for 2024.

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