People’s craze about TV shows is increasing every day. Especially women like TV shows the most. Taking into account the choice of the people, many entertaining family dramas are launched on TV. Now the name of the series ‘Anandi Baa aur Emily’ has also been added to this list.

The Anandiba and Emily show has started on Star Plus. Foreign actress Jazzy Ballerini stars in this show. Jazzy Ballerini will be seen in this show in the role of Firangi Bahu.

Jazzy Ballerini loves to travel. She has lived in many countries, so she loves to travel and learn about different cultures. The biggest reason Jazzy Ballerini comes to India is her love for Bollywood and acting. She always wanted to make an acting career and she made it possible.

But do you know that Jazzy Ballerini’s first most successful project was with Punjabi singer Sidhu Musewala. Jazzy Ballerini worked with Sidhu Musewala in the Punjabi movie ‘Teri Meri Jodi’ in the year 2019 and from here she started to gain recognition as an actress.

Not many people know how much Jazzy Ballerini is passionate about acting and movies, especially Hindi cinema. Jazzy Ballerini got a big break from Sidhu Musewala’s film and was able to make her acting debut.

About her experience with Sidhu Musewala, the actress had said: It is an honor to be part of a project with Sidhu Musewala. This was the second time when I was in India I didn’t understand celebrities. But when I went to live in India, I realized that Sidhu Musewala was a legend in this country. I am very happy to have had the opportunity to work with her. May God rest her soul.

Speaking of Jazzy Ballerini’s new show Anandiba and Emily, it will feature a story based on a small town in Gujarat and its lifestyle. The show will also show how people are surprised to see Firangi Bahu and how they will react to it. The show kicks off on July 4th, so don’t forget to watch Anandiba and Emily.


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