Ben Affleck Son Accident: Ben Affleck was spending quality time with his girlfriend Jennifer Lopez when his son’s Lamborghini started the car. The car collided with a BMW car and the accident happened.

Ben Affleck Jennifer Lopez: Hollywood superstars Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez are busy with their relationship these days. Ben Affleck sometimes remains the talk of the town about his affair and sometimes great action in movies. This time, however, Ben Affleck’s son has been the victim of an accident. Though safe, Ben Affleck has lost crores due to his son’s actions.

Going out with girlfriend and son

Some photos of the accident have gone viral on social media. In which Ben Affleck was walking with his girlfriend and famous singer Jennifer Lofez, son Samuel. The viral videos and photos show the actor wandering around in his yellow-colored Lamborghini car. Then the actor suddenly, accidentally, leaves his son in the driver’s seat of the car and leaves.

Son started the car

In such a situation, taking the opportunity, Ben Affleck’s ten-year-old son, Samuel, suddenly started the car. Then his Lamborghini hit hard with a white-colored BMW car parked behind it. However, there was no injury to his son or anyone else in this accident.

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so much loss

The actor’s car was badly damaged in the accident. The value of the crashed car is said to be Rs 3 crore. According to reports, the actor had taken the car back for some time. Through a few minutes and carelessness they lost crores. However, the actor is happy that his son is safe.

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