R Madhavan has proven his mettle not only as an actor but also as a director with his latest release, Rocketry: the Nambi effect. While the biopic has been hailed from all quarters, there was a minor outage at one of the theaters recently. A cinema hall in Kolkata stopped showing a show midway after the Bofors scan sequence was shown. The reason for their action is unknown.

Concerned by the halt, a few moviegoers started arguing with theater management, asking them why the show was suddenly halted. They also demanded a refund of their tickets. A video has surfaced on social media of fans fighting with the theater directors.

Check out the message below:

In response to the clip, R Madhavan took to Twitter and urged all fans to keep the peace. He wrote on the microblogging site: “There must have been a real reason and cause. Please be calm and show some love ppl. Humble request. The show is coming soon. All the love.”

Meanwhile, exclusively in conversation with Pinkvilla, R Madhavan revealed why he made the biopic about Nambi Narayanan . wanted to make† He said: “It happened that I heard the story of Nambi Narayanan from someone who said that there was a handsome ISRO scientist who was having an affair with a Maldivian woman and so he sold secrets of Indian missiles to Pakistan. He was arrested, tortured , and almost killed, and then he came out and proved he was innocent So I said great you know the poor man’s James Bond story But when I met him it was like being hit by a sledgehammer I knew that as a person, we as a society and as a nation were missing this whole picture.”

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