Bride Groom Video: This video shows a man suddenly start dragging the bride from the wedding. But he shows the work the groom did.

Bride groom video: Whether it is the season of weddings or not, the videos related to it are no longer shared on social media. Whether it’s the bride and groom or the wedding procession, everyone wins people’s hearts with their own style. Now a unique video of the wedding itself has emerged, in which the style of the bridal couple is made. In the video, you can see the bride and groom standing on stage after the Jaimala ceremony. One by one, all the guests meet him. Then a man comes and tries to run away with the bride. But here the groom is very careful and brings the bride to him.

New style of bride and groom

In weddings, the bride and groom are now trying to do something new so that their wedding becomes very memorable. Something similar can be seen in this video that is going viral. In the video you can see the bridal couple receiving greetings from all the guests on stage. Meanwhile, a man comes and grabs the bride’s hand and tries to take her away. Then the groom romantically picks up his bride and takes her to the other side.

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Groom showed romantic style

The way the groom takes his bride from the hands of a man. Her great romantic style is reflected in it. However, all these things are made on purpose so that there is some fun in the marriage. The video was uploaded on Instagram account called bridal_lehenga_designn. Until now, thousands of people have seen this spectacle.

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